OLFI One.Five WHITE Edition HD Action Camera

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OLFI (One Life Film It) White Edition HD Action Cam

Simple and Elegant:
The Olfi one.five White is capable of filming in 1080p/60fps or 720p/120fps image quality, a 16 Megapixel backlit Sony Exmor-R™ sensor, high dynamic range to help footage adjust to low light situations, and is digitally stabilised to reduce natural shake.

1080p Full High Definition:
The Olfi one.five White is capable of shooting stunning Full HD 1080p video at 60fps and 720p HD at 120fps amongst an array of other video resolutions. The Olfi also offers an awesome 16 megapixel camera too, making this little beauty a photographer’s friend, and a gem of an accessory to capture holiday memories and adventures with.

Sony Exmor-R™ Sensor:
The Olfi one.five White utilises the Sony Exmor-R™ sensor which Sony claim is twice as sensitive as a normal front-illuminated sensor. And as it is a back-lit sensor  it allows the camera to capture high definition movies and stills in low light areas. So if you find yourself facing a dull cloudy day for filming, it won’t stop you producing some awesome content.

Image Stabilisation:
The built-in digital image stabiliser keeps shots steady even in the roughest environments whilst still  maintaining the immersive experience which action cameras are famous for. Turn it on, turn it off – it all depends on preference.

Free Smart Phone App:
With the Olfi app, create awesome content with just a few taps of your phone or tablet, by turning your device into a remote control. When you’re done, choose your favourite photos and video clips, download them and then edit it all within the App too. Customise your story with music and easily share it with friends. Editing has never been so convenient!

High Dynamic Range:
HDR is a term which you hear often, but is never truly explained, so let’s put it into perspective. Whereas 4K describes the number of pixels used in a frame, HDR describes the quality, and therefore the addition of HDR brings media closer to what the human eye sees, creating realistic images. So with HDR, bright whites get brighter and dark blacks get darker.

30m Waterproof:
Olfi’s rugged, waterproof case provides protection from knocks and falls but more importantly, it makes your camera waterproof up to 30 metres. Perfect for all types of sporting activities – but especially brilliant for water sports. When enabled, the dedicated Underwater Mode corrects the red spectrum colour loss normally associated with diving at depths. And Divers love it!

Rear LCD Screen:
The full colour rear LCD screen is perfect for lining up your epic shots, and even better for a quick playback of your footage. It also makes changing Modes and Settings easy to do with a full display of information, and an intuitive menu setup and display.

Includes Dashcam Mode:
The Olfi one.five has a dedicated Dashcam Mode. When enabled, your camera will record in Centre metering mode (to avoid glare from the windscreen) and turn itself off 10 seconds after your journey has ended. And it films in loop mode, meaning that it’ll write over old footage until you come across something you want or need to keep.