CRATONI All-Track Enduro All-Mountain Bike Helmet (GREY)

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CRATONI All-Track Enduro Mountain Bike Helmet (Grey)
BRAND NEW 2020 Model
About the All-Track :
The AllTrack Enduro Helmet stands out with special features such as a multifunctional camera mounting with safety release, a precisely lockable, height adjustable visor and a goggle port under the visor which holds dirt bike goggles securely without having to take them off completely, outstanding comfort and a long back. An innovative strap guide and the light fit system make it easy and comfortable to take off and put on.

All Mountain:

With the new AllMountain / MTB helmet range CRATONI combines design, style and fresh colors with safety, best comfort and high performance features. Anyone who has spent hours riding and climbing through the countryside does not want to do without high wearing comfort despite high safety requirements. The aim is therefore to combine those requirements for demanding cyclists – maximum performance at minimum weight is the CRATONI code for success. These helmets are designed for individuals and every purpose - both biking on rough terrain and the roadtrip.

About Cratoni and The Bike Guy:
After struggling to get these top quality helmets through the existing UK distributor I (The Bike Guy) approached Cratoni myself and as a result am now an independent dealer here in the UK for these awesome Helmets. This means I can definitely get every model and every colour option, that was not previously available. I will be stocking some helmets but as there are a lot of options/colours/sizes, I will generally order what I need when I need up to start with, so please allow for a few days to process that. Many thanks


  • LFS - Light Fit System
  • Inmold technolog
  • Downshell
  • Height adjustment
  • Netpad
  • Clean Tex pads
  • Chinpad
  • Steplock


  • 17 Air vents
  • Bag included
  • Incl. 10mm spare pads
  • Reflectors for better visibility
  • LFS best fit
  • Foamed chin strap
  • Strap Dividers for easy handling
  • Thinner straps for higher comfort
  • Steplock buckle with chinpad
  • Weight 350 gram

Available Size:

  • S-M (54-58 cm)
  • M-L (58-61 cm)